Blues and Beyond Quartet


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10246344_767951883236311_4965755988940994478_nBlues and Beyond Quartet

This Sébastien Charlier and Yannick Robert’s new project, around Blues, the mother of all contemporary kinds of music, travelling around the World and mixing with different pulsations and cultures

The result is: Celtic blues, salsa blues, reggae, funk, rumba, swing…among others.

Great compositions to the delight of all

This band, born after a memorable concert at the Paris’SUNSET Jazz Club in 2010, is composed of four strong artistic personalities. Sébastien Charlier, incredible harmonicist able to play be-bop on a diatonic harmo; Yannick Robert, who developpped a unique finger-playing technic to serve great melodic lines; Dominique DiPiazza, “one of the best bass-players in the world”, as being told by JohnMc Laughlin after touring with him some years ago; and finally Yoann Schmidt, one of the most amazing young drummer we can hear on the music scene today.


Press extracts:

About Yannick Robert:

JAZZ.COM – Bill Barnes “One of the most interesting fusion artists coming out from Europe in recent years, French guitarist and composer Yannick Robert truly

conveys a world vision, mixing a wide spectrum on his sonic palette, from « Celtic Jazz » to Funk.


JAZZ MAGAZINE – Olivier Cauvin – “We could think that Yannick Robert would be a natural son of Jim Hall, John Abercrombie, Pat Metheny and Mike Stern.”


GUITARIST MAGAZINE – Raoul Duplessix – “Yannick Robert seems to have found the perfect balance between knowledge and euphoria. Delectable.”


About Sébastien Charlier:

JAZZMAN – Franck Bergerot –   Sébastien Charlier choosed to phrase be-bop on a diatonic harmo. Amazing.”

JAZZMAG/JAZZMAN “an amazing improvisator…”


About Dominique Di Piazza:

JOHN MCLAUGHLIN – “He is one of the greatest bass players in the world”

DRUMMER MAG « Saying that Dominique Di Piazza is one of the

best bass-players in the World, is like saying that butter makes get fat »


About Yoann Schmidt:

JAZZ A TOULON – “an incredible young drummer with a great technical and a strong musicality”

BATTEUR MAGAZINE « An amazing young drummer with a great technic and a strong musicality »


JACQUES PANISSET – GRENOBLE JAZZ FESTIVAL – « if we list the top five of the best bass-players in the World, he is on top »












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