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Thailand’s leading Fusion Jazz band that’s been toIIgether for 25 years. This fact alone is an extraordinary achievement for any band in any genre. Infinity raised more awarness in Thailand on instrumental music with their musicianship and arrangement. They became the role model for new generations of musicians. Their works have been accepted all over the world and raised the standard of Thai Fusion Jazz to another level.

“Andaman Days”“ album made people everywhere wants to visit Thailand and its beautiful seaside nature. While “#10” – their latest album – showed once again their amazing talents in arranging and performing classic standards such as ”Night and Day”, I’ve  Got You under My Skin”, Love for Sale” which are second to none.


Founded by Sarayout Supunyo in 1984. The name “Infinity” was appointed by Santi Sawetwimon – one of the most respected journalist in Thailand. This name has universal meaning and it also means the never-ending music from them.

Sarayout interested in Fusion Jazz since he was in the band called “Professional”. Then after he left another band called “Oriental Funk”, he decided to form a Fusion Jazz band.  So he and Tewan Subsanyakorn (one of the Thailand’s best Saxophonists) helped founding Infinity.

Infinity played regularly on Hotel circuit, which most of the audiences are foreigners. Many fans asked if they have their own materials to perform. That was the starting point for Infinity to make their own music. “Cantlelight Blues” (1986) was their first album.

Since H.M. the King of Thailand is a jazz aficionado, he also composed many songs and played instruments with passion. With the appreciation in H.M. the King’s musical talents, Infinity has respectfully brought his songs to rearrange within most albums, such as “Rainfall” (1988), “Now and Then” (1989) and “Day and Night” (1990).

Until now, Infinity has released 10 albums. Their 7th album “Four Colors” received Season Award for Best Album in 2005, while “Andaman Days” also received Season Award for Best Instrumental Song on “Impressive Phi Phi  Island” (2008). The latest achievement is Golden Kanesh Award for Best Instrumental Song on “Blue Waves on the Shore’ from “Andaman Days” album.


Koh Mr. Saxman

Koh born in 1973 studied Music Education at Chulangkorn University (1991-1994). He attended workshops with the Great Saxophone professors like Mr. Terent Kynaston, Mr. Roger Greendberg and Mr. Michael Paolo.

In 1990 Koh received the award for the best Outstanding musician from the Thailand Coke Music Award Program.

In 1991 Koh and his band were selected and awarded the Champion of Nescafe Music Festival.

In 1992 Koh and his band were awarded Champion of Yamaha Thailand Band Competition and it into the final round of the World Finals in Japan.

Since then he has performed in over 10 different countries and recorded 4 solo albums. He has also performed  on hundred of records, televisions shows and commercial jingles.

Koh began his professional career in 1989, when he was only 16 years old. He later became a member of Boy Thai Band (Thai Modern Music), The Jazz Infinity (Thai Fusion Jazz) and T-Bone (Thai Reggae and Ska Band).

Following that, Koh formed his own band play fusion jazz, funky and jazz pop under the name The Funk Machine Band and played in many clubs in Thailand.

During this period Koh formed with artists such as Bird (Thongchai Macintai), Jennifer Kai, Loso and many other top artists in Thailand. Koh also performed in several concerts and festivals in and out of Thailand.

Koh teaches music and saxophone in the music departments at Mahidol University

Kasatesart University, Rangsit University and the KPN music academy. Koh has also organized the Saxophone Community in Thailand into a society called the “Sax Society”. (Sax Society Co. Ltd.) www.saxsociety.com. This school have 2 Bangkok branches in Rattanathibeth and Silom and about 250 students. It is one of the best comfort installations for students with about 12 studios and many teachers.

Koh continues to serve as an official Endorser of P. Mauriat Saxophones. The Shop is the Sax Society School in Rattanathibeth.


Mauro Monti

Mauro Monti, pianist, composer, band leader and music educator, born in Locarno-Switzerland, has graduated at the EJMA School of Jazz and Contemporary Music of Lausanne-Switzerland and at the CPM The Music Institute of Milan-Italy. In addition, he has completed a music pedagogy course at the Conservatory of Lausanne. To further his experience, he has followed master classes and private lessons in Europe and in the United States with well-know jazz musicians like Kenny Werner, Richie Beirach, Mitchel  Forman, Mike Richmond, Ray Anderson, Joe Pass, Enrico Pieranunzi and others.

Mauro begins his carier as a piano instructor in Switzerland and as a performer musician across Europe, Middle East and Thailand.

In 1996, he recorded his first CD “The Box of Memories” with the extraordinary collaboration of Furio di Castri on double bass and Roberto Gatto on drums. The CD containing 10 of his original compositions receives excellent reviews from both press and radio.

Since 2007, Mauro lives and performs in Thailand and he is currently instructor of piano, jazz, arranging, composition, jazz pedagogy and jazz ensemble at the Mahidol University College of Music of Bangkok and Salaya campus.

Mauro has developed a piano style that is inspired by great jazz masters like Bill Evans, Herbie Hancock and Chick Corea. In ballads the listener feels poetic lyricism, as well as, an energetic strength and virtuosity in up-tempo pieces. Blending the two results in a refined combination of chord progressions. His style, reflects an ideal balance between musicality and technique, which truly seduces the audience

He has played as a leader, sideman or in jam sessions with Swiss and international musicians like Furio Di Castri, (I), Roberto Gatto (I), Robin Kenyatta (USA), Jeff Richman (USA), Flavio Boltro (I), Michel Benita (F), Danilo Moccia (CH), Marcel Papaux (CH), Ivor Malherbe (CH), Mike Richmond (USA), Adam Nussbaum (USA), Bruce Forman (USA), Brian Bromberg (USA) and many others.

In 2008, Mauro published the book (Le Basi Della Didattica Pianistica” (The Basics Of The Piano Didactic) which is without doubt an important representation of his career and pedagogic experience.


We have many jazz musicians and groups from Bangkok and in Hua Hin Area

LouLou Trio or Quartet , French Jazz Drummer with his trio or quartet in Hua Hin Area

LouLou with Koh Mr.Saxman


and in collaboration with Mahidol University in Bangkok


Rock, Funk


Unicorn Girls

It was in the classroom that the original 4 girls of the group Unicorn met for the first time: Dom (vocals, guitar & leader of the group), Tuu (lead guitar), Alice (drums), and Apple (keyboards). As often in Thailand, the friends share their time between work and studies, and the girls attend a prestigious music academy in the Thai capital. Passionate about rock music, they decide to form a band…..

A few years later, New (bass) and Aorn (singer) complete the line up and the group is ready for new adventures.

Bangkok warmly welcomes the group and they perform live at clubs & functions, acquiring an experience like no other !

On evening, on the advice of a friend, we went to listen to the girls play. It was an instant admiration and after that things went very fast…The artistic direction at the SBM and the director Jean-Rene Palacio, booked the girls for 7 concerts that were a huge success at the live music bar MOODS, Monte Carlo and Paris the in-place to perform at the moment, and during the presentation a video and CD were recording, and a contract awarded for more concerts in the summer of 2011.

the future…is up to you, as if you appreciate these artists it is with pleasure that we can share our projects for this remarkable “girls band”.

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