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Daniel Humair (drums)

Daniel Humair the dean of European modern jazz drummers,

has been one of the international jazz community’s most respected and active musicians since the late-’50s. His three decades of contributions to improvised music were recognized officially in 1986 when he was named Chevalier des Arts et Lettres by the government of France, in 1987 when he was awarded the Grand Prix du Jazz by SACEM (France’s music publishing organization) and in 1988 when he received the highest jazz honors awarded annually by the French Recording Academy (Prix Charlie Parker) and the Academie Charles Cros (Prix “In Honorem,” the equivalent of the Grammy). Winning both of the last two prizes is rare; receiving both in one year was unprecedented.

Daniel Humair is considered one of the 10 legends of Jazz drummers.

Daniel Humair New Reunion Quartet:Vincent Peirani (accordéon), Émile Parisien (sax),  Jérôme Regard (db-bass) – Switzerland/France

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Dominique DiPiazza in different groups and styles

John McLaughlin saying of DiPiazza: “His talent is immense—he’s one of the best bassists in the world.”

Dominique has designed a special bridge (as well as a bass)with luthier Mike Sabre, which makes it possible to obtain a“fretless” sound on a fretted bass. This was first featured on the track “Seven Up” from the 1993 CD Wait and See by Michael Blass.

Blues & Beyond Quartet: Dominique Di Piazza (el-bass), Sebastien Charlier (harmonica), Yannick Robert (guitar), Yoann Schmidt (drums) – France

Princess Sita: Dominique DiPiazza Trio with Nelson Veras – Brasil (guitar), Manhu Roche – France (drums)

Francis Lockwood Trio plays Jimi Hendrix: Francis Lockwood (piano), Dominique DiPiazza (el-bass), Fred Sicart (drums) – France

4 Essential: Thierry Maillard, (composer, piano, vocal), Deborah Seffer (violin, vocal), Yoann Schmidt (drums), Dominique DiPiazza – France/Hungary

more Infos on: Dominique Di Piazza



Founded in 1994 by the Swiss guitarist Eugene Montenero, “BConnected” knew since its creation, to preserve a strong identity. One of the must World Jazz Rock Fusion Band

Bandleader: Eugène Montenero, (guitars), Gregory German (drums) Jacques Beaud (bass) Fred Babey (keyboard & piano)  Philippe Sellam (saxophones) Daniel Ciccone (percussions) – Switzerland –

more Infos on : Eugene Montenero’s BConeccted


Philippe Sellam New Trio

After multiples experiences and different approaches, Philippe Sellam has shed his skin and sttled for a trio with inspiring musiciens such as Fred Dupont at the organ and Yoann Schmidt on the drums.

All tjhe audacities, music or relays are fluid, always keeping a more communicative power.


more Infos on: Philippe Sellam


Olivier Hutman Trio & Denise King

aurelie-3679-150x150Honours : Prix Boris VIAN, French Academy of Jazz , for best Record of the year, 1984 ; 2nd European keyboardist in Jazz Hot magazine readers poll, 1987. Nomination for best record of 1997 French jazz Academy. Awards for recordings in 2002, 2003, 2008 (Le Monde, TSF, FIP, France-Infos, Jazzman)

Composer, arranger in jazz, theatre, films : jingles, music for industrial films & documentaries (more than 200 scores)

Awards for films: Mon Oncle, best score, Biarritz, 1986 ; Printemps Perdu, Best Score Montreal 1995. Virtual Allergy, Best Score, Biarritz, 1999. D&O Biarritz 2010.

Featured Artist: Dictionnaire du Jazz (Robert Laffont) Cambridge University Dictionnary of Music. Grove Dictionary of Music (Ed. 2000)

Born in Philadephia (a place where many great jazzmen originate from), Denise King is considered as one of the greatest voice of the contemporary jazz scene.

Olivier Hutman (piano), Denise King (vocal) Quartet – France / U.S.A.

more Infos on : Denise King / Olivier Hutman


Koh Mr. Saxman (saxophone)

The famoust jazz saxophonist in Thailand

Koh Mr. Saxman, Thailand,  2013 with S.M.D.

and his  Band 5 musicians -Thailand, Guest-Star Steve Cannon (trumpet) – Canada.

 in Asian, Pacific, European and American Area

more Infos on: Koh Mr. Saxman


Jacques Marugg (Composer, Arranger, Marimba, Vibes)


One of the most famous Jazz Vibraphonists in Europe since the 1980´s

Jacques Marugg (vibes), in Deep Vibes Quartet with  Dimitri Dimopoulos (keyboard),  Dimitri Moutafis (guitar) Geoerge Mourtos (drums)-France/Greece

European and Asian Tour 2013


You can email at rene.marugg@gmail.com and Skype:  rene.marugg

for more informations, schedule, financial conditions and technical riders

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