Jacques Marugg Duo, Trio or Quartet

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Jacques Marugg

Jacques Marugg is a Composer, Arranger, plays Marimba and Vibes, born on 5th October, 1958 Paris, France. Nationality French-Swiss

1967 Studies of piano in the Municipality Academy of the 11th district of Paris

1971  His piano teacher directs me towards the study Classical Percussion in the same Academy and study this discipline during three years with professor Mr. Bouchaux

1974 He pass the enter contest for the National Musical Academy, Boulogne-Billancourt, Department Haute de Seine, close to Paris (France) where he study the percussions with professor Me. Cals and also musical theory and harmony.

1978 Military service in the Regiment Music Transmission of the Mont Valerien, where he play military snare-drum

1979 Replace, as an independent musician, several colleagues in different orchestras, such as the National Orchester of the ORTF, Colonne, Pasdeloup in Paris

1980 Specialize in the vibraphone and study composition with Alan Silva during 5 years in the I.A.C.P,  Paris

1976 First concerts in Paris and Normandy  (France) Trio Ostinato

1982 Creation of the quintet Terre De Feu with Lito Voyatzoglou (piano) Georges Gaumont (sax) Gerald Mereuze (bass) Bernard Drouillet (drums)

1983-1987 Co-Creation of the Big Band Quoi de Neuf Docteur.                                                                                                              Succeed the enter contest in the jazz quintet Abus Dangereux, Concerts in France and other countries. Enter the orchestra of Un Drame Musical Instantané, where he play on stage the compositions of Jean Jacques Birgé, Francis Gorgé and Bernard Vitet, while projecting films of JeanVigo.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Enter the Celestrial Communication Orchestra of Alan Silva linking 30 musicians in Paris. 

Marvelous experience in trio with Alan Silva (db-bass) and Mohammed Ali (drums)

Play with Abus Dangereux (Founded by Pierre-Jean Gaucher) in the important French Jazz-Fusion Rock Band 1987 – 1990                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Meet the Greek pianist Lito Voyatzoglou with whom he give concerts in Athens.

1988 Settle in  Geneva (Switzerland). Meet many musicians of jazz with which i give many concerts.

1990 A marvelous meeting with the guitarist  Michel Perez. He enter his quartet composed of Dominique DiPiazza (el.bass) – bass player of the trio of John McLaughlin and Trilok Gurtu – and Tony Rabeson (drums) and he stay with them for 4 years.

1994 Finally create his quintet The Red Wines with which the Band occur on stage of 6 years. The Band play exclusively his compositions.

2000 – 2008 Dedicate himself to the Music Pedagogy while continuing toplay his compositins with Michel Bastet, Jean Buchot, Massimo Pinca and Eric Fournier.

2010 – Jacques Marugg (marimba, vibra) install in Greece and start the Deep Vibes Quartet

2013 – He plays in “Deep Vibes Quartet”

2013:  Member “The Fabelous Four” with Lefteris Christofis (guitar), Dominique DiPiazza (electric-bass), Nikos Touliatos (drums) drums



Celestrial Communication Orchestra – Desert Mirage – 

Pierre Faure, Carl Schlosser, Aldridge Hansberry (flute) Catherine Carrot (alto-clar.) Jean Querlier (hautbois) Denis Colin (bass-clar) Pascal Morrow, Bruno Girard (violin) Didier Petit (vcl) Jeff Beer, Serge Adam, Bernard Vitet, Itaru Oki (tromp, bugle) Michael Zwerin, Doménico Criseo (Tb) George Gaumont, François Cotinaud, Arthur Doyle (sax-tenor) Philippe Sellam, Sébastien Franck (sax-alto) Henri Grinberg (sax) Antoine Mizrahi, François Leymarie, Rosine Feferman (bass) Francis Gorgé (guitar) Adrien Bitan, Jacques Marugg (vibes) Bernard Drouillet, Ron Pittner, Gilles Premel (drums)


Un Drame Musical Instantané

 A Travail Égal, Salaire Égal

Beautiful opportunity, the Drama dreams of a full orchestra. One goes there. One goes there. Birth of the full orchestra of a Musical Drame Instantané that of Bartok will tera, of which they especially retained the quotation of Molière:

“I take my good where I find it.”

Bruno Girard, Bruno Barré (violins), Kent Casing (viola, violoncello), Nathalie Baudoin (viola), Jouk Minor (gumbri, guitar, sax baritone), Marie-Noëlle Sabatelli, Petit Didier (violoncellos), Genevieve Huts (double bass), Emmanuelle Huret (voice), Helene (voice, clarinet, double bass), Magali Viallefond (oboe, cor anglais, organ of crystal, etc), Jean Querlier (flute, sax viola), Youenn Berre (flute, sax tenor), Philippe Legris (tuba), Patrice Petitdidier (horn), Jacques Marugg (vibraphone, xylophone), Gerard Siracusa (percussion)


Abus Dangereux

Abus Dangereux “Live in New Morning” (1985) Paris

With  Pierre-Jean Gaucher (guitar), compositions and programmation, Jacques Marugg, (vibes) Bobby Rangell, (sax)Philippe Talet,(el.bass) François Verly (drums)

Extracts of press:

The first public recording of an always innovative group since it integrates for the first time on scene a musical computer to dialogue with it


The Red Wines

Hearth of the Earth

Jacques Marugg (composer, vibes) Gianni Di Paolo ( drums) Tonya Micaela (elbass & voice) Philippe Sellam, (sax alto & soprano) Vulzor (el-bass) Dennis Watson (keyboards)


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