Koh Mr. Saxman “SOS The Sound of Siam”

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Koh Mr. Saxman,  “SOS The Sound of Siam”

Mr. Sekpol Unsamran, Koh Mr. Saxman was born in 1973 and studied Music Education at Chulangkorn University in Bangkok -Thailand- (1991-1994). He attended workshops with the Great Saxophone professors like Mr. Terent Kynaston, Mr. Roger Greendberg and Mr. Michael Paolo.

In 1990 Koh received the award for the best Outstanding musician from the Thailand Coke Music Award Program.


In 1991 Koh and his band were selected and awarded the Champion of Nescafe Music Festival.

In 1992 Koh and his band were awarded Champion of Yamaha Thailand Band Competition and it into the final round of the World Finals in Japan.

Koh began his professional career in 1989, when he was only 16 years old. He later became a member of Boy Thai Band (Thai Modern Music), The Jazz Infinity (Thai Fusion Jazz) and T-Bone (Thai Reggae and Ska Band).

Following that, Koh formed his own band play fusion jazz, funky and jazz pop under the name The Funk Machine Band and played in many clubs in Thailand.

During this period Koh formed with artists such as Bird (Thongchai Macintai), Jennifer Kai, Loso and many other top artists in Thailand.

Koh also performed in several concerts and festivals in and out of Thailand:                                             

and played in several important musical functions in Italy, England, Ireland, Netherland and the U.S.A, etc.

Koh has released 5 solo albums as “Koh Mr.Saxman”, 4 albums with GMM Grammy (in the genre of Thai Pop and Fusion jazz), 1 album with own production and  –The Sound of Saxman– with Mellow Tone. Many of his songs got extended radio play and reached the Top on radio charts.

In 2003, Koh won the prize for the “Best Instrumental Song of the Year” with the song “Rush Hour” from his first album “Mr.Saxman.”

Koh teaches music and saxophone in the music departments at Mahidol University, Kasetsart University, Rangsit University and at the KPN music academy in Bangkok. Koh has also organized the Saxophone community in Thailand into a society called the “Sax Society” www.saxsociety.com in Bangkok and he still continues to serve as an official Endorser of P.Mauriat Saxophones www.pmauriatmusic.com.

Passionated by the Jazz music, today, he launched his own music house called “Chillin’ Groove Records” promoted through www.chillingroove.com.
“Chilling music” symbolizes a new way to feel the music melody shared with other brillant artists within Chillin’ Groove Records and called “Tasty Music”…

2012: New Album, Nr. 7. DVD/CD Koh Mr. Saxman – The Visitor – Livetime Vocal (Vocal Version) Tony Lakatos (sax tenor) Steve Cannon (trumpet & horn section) Captain Loma (guitar) Bump (piano & keyboards) Jibb Wichudey (bass) Bengz & Duck The Infinity (drums) Duckjazz (piano & organ) Koh Mr. Saxman (alto, soprano & tenor sax)

Music & Arranged by Koh Mr. Saxman – Chillin Groove Records CGR, www.thegr.com                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

“Yes! Music will keep us alive…”
Koh Mr. Saxman





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