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Gil Evans

There are always proponents and opponents of artists in each culture area. This is understandable. However, when I first heard  of Gil Evans and made further inquiries, I have to confirm that he only had friends and was known for his extreme humanity.

One day in fall 1987, I greeted Gil at the Paris-Roissy Airport. He immediately stood out of the crowd as he was sporting a pair of bright red running shoes. Additionaly, wore his usual and incomparable modesty, which made him so lovable.


European Tour 1987, North-Italy In the bus:  The orchestra was on was about to part , all aboard except Gil Evans. As they looked for him , they found him at the Highway Stop store holding a toy car in his hands at the cashier. It was a red Ferrari replica. Being wrapped in birthday paper. When asked who it was for he replied : “ This is my birthday gift for Miles Davis”

Gil Evans – piano, Steve Lacy – saxes, OWL Records, Autumn 1987, Coordinator: Rene Marugg


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